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When you talk about the list of job vacancies in South Africa that are currently ongoing, Boxer stores vacancies are at the top.

Boxer Superstores is one of the top leading enterprises in South Africa that focus on expanding supermarket discount chains with locations in all of South Africa’s provinces.

Just like AECI South Africa, Boxer Superstores offers an array of opportunities to individuals who have what it takes to make a significant difference in their lives and the longevity of the company.

To know about these Boxer job vacancies, carefully read this article. We’ve made a comprehensive list of Boxer Vacancies in South Africa that can check out in this article.

About Boxer Superstores

Boxer Superstores is a budget supermarket chain located in South Africa that operates in the Southern African retail market. The company’s primary goal is to become Africa’s preferred bargain supermarket.

With its headquarters in KwaZulu-Natal, they trade throughout all provinces and the Kingdom of eSwatini, ensuring that its shoppers benefit from its full-service supermarket products.

Nonetheless, the brand is always developing and now includes a variety of exciting retail options for prospective employees, including Supermarket Retail, Supply Chain, Distribution Centers, Liquor, Construction, and a Meat Factory.

Concerning their employees, they have over 19000 who have the chance to develop and grow in every position.

These employees strive to give the best Boxer products and services to the communities they serve, all while ensuring that their shoppers Never pay more than the Boxer price.

How much does a General Worker make at Boxer Superstores in South Africa?

Average Boxer Superstores General Worker monthly pay in South Africa is approximately R 2 860, which is 57% below the national average.

Salary information comes from 3 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

Boxer Stores Vacancies

Here are Boxer job vacancies in South Africa:

  • Liquor Purchaser
  • Project Manager for Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • Draughtsman
  • Electrical and Fire Engineer
  • Investigator
  • Retail Purchaser
  • Manager of National Pallet/ Distribution Equipment
  • Property Developer
  • Location Planner

Note, these job vacancies are among the high-paying job vacancies that are worth going for once you have the required skills.

Let’s check them out!

1Liquor Purchaser

Offer as a Liquor Purchaser is one of the Boxer Stores Vacancies worth going for. Basically, a Liquid Purchaser focuses on maximizing top-line revenue while maintaining a healthy gross profit margin and supplier profitability.

Job Responsibilities

  • National and regional supplier trade meetings and negotiations
  • Negotiate trading terms and promotional grids, which may include, but are not limited to, cycle deals, promotion deals, special offers, and price rises.
  • Responsibilities within your category include sales, gross profit, and profitability.
  • Stock management control -Stores and DC Administration, Reports, and Master Data management Promotions, Adverts, Campaigns, Themes, and Supplier Collaboration

Experience and Requirements

  • This is one of the Boxer vacancies that before you can fit into the job, you must have at least five years of current purchasing experience in the liquor division.
  • Aside from the purchasing experience, you need to have a high capacity for trend analysis, pricing analysis, and market conditions analysis.
  • Then, considering the nature of the job, you can be effective if you can forecast the promotional impact. That means you must have the capacity to predict promotional impact.
  • Moreso, having superior communication and negotiating abilities helps you so much in relating with your team.
  • Fitting into the Liquor Purchasing office also requires you to be skilled in paying attention to details.
  • Also, it is necessary to have experience in strategic planning within categories.
  • And talking about the required degree program, this is one of the sure vacancies at Boxer stores that requires you to have at least three-year degrees in commerce, marketing, or supply chain management is advantageous.

2. Project Manager for Corporate Social Responsibilities

Ubuntu serves as a reminder that we as human beings are inextricably linked and that we should strive not for our benefit, but for the sake of everyone.

The Boxer Ubuntu Projects Program aspires to be just that: a helpful hand, a welcoming neighbor, and the community’s heart.

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage all CSR initiatives from conception to completion
  • Maintain meticulous records of all CSR-related projects and gifts.
  • Prepare and provide periodic reports to the Group Executive on all CSR projects and actions.
  • Assist the Group Executive with activities aimed at engaging stakeholders and identifying strategic partners.

Experience and Requirements

  • To start with, this boxer job requires you to have experience in management or coordinating CSR functions. This is because one of your major roles has to do with CSR initiatives from conception to completion.
  • Secondly, if you don’t have significant project management expertise and a project management qualification, you will find this office challenging because of its nature.
  • Then, you must be good at communicating with the outside world as the position demands regular communication and input from a variety of role players.
  • Among all the Boxer hiring jobs, this Project Manager’s office is among the few of them that require you to have the ability to manage multiple projects concurrently. Therefore, you must know how to pay meticulous attention to detail and exceptional organizational ability.
  • In addition, you have a better chance of getting the job if you are good at speaking the African language.
  • Due to the nature of the job, you must be flexible in the working hours due to the nature of the tasks.
  • Keep in mind that getting this boxer job will be very difficult if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree in business-related fields.

3. Draughtsman

Job Type: Full-Time

Industries: Wholesale Building Materials and Architecture and Planning

Draughtsman is one of the Boxer vacancies in South Africa. A Draughtsman focuses on bringing structural, mechanical, and electrical ideas together.

He also devises a system for precisely organizing them to make understandable and feasible building designs.


  • Utilize computer-aided design (CAD) to create and present design proposals, as well as to change architectural documents, designs, working drawings, forms, charts, and records.
  • Conduct the design process and oversee the coordination of detailed design information.
  • Maintain communication with and documents for statutory and local approval authorities
  • Conduct risk evaluations at the design stage
  • Receipt and evaluation of bids and contracts
  • Ascertain that all design, legal, statutory, and professional standards are met.
  • Following the completion of the construction project, they solicit input from clients and building users and compile reports on the contractors’ performance.

Experience and Requirements

  • First and foremost, this Boxer hiring job requires you to have an undergraduate degree in architecture.
  • In addition to the degree, you must have had over 5 years of working experience either working as a Draughtsman or in any related field.
  • Considering the technicality that involves designs, you must have the mathematical skills required to do technical and financial computations.
  • Even though the job is technical, there are also some aspect that has to do with management, which if you don’t have organizational or managerial skills you can fit in. So, having organizational and management abilities can certainly help you a lot..
  • Finally, you must possess an acute sense of detail and design. With this skill, you can easily ascertain that design, legal, statutory, and professional standards are met

4. Electrical & Fire Engineer

Job Type: Full-Time

Industries: Transportation, Logistics, Storage, and Retail

Electrical & Fire Engineer works with stakeholders on the examination of installations, designs, specifications, and jurisdictional code compliance, to guarantee that all stores adhere to applicable SANS electrical and fire codes.

Job Responsibilities

  • Examine and verify that the fire reasoning and design comply with Boxer criteria.
  • Ascertain that all work performed on new and refurbished stores adheres to the fire rationale and plan by liaising with project managers.
  • Assemble a direct line of communication between fire engineers, insurance, the municipality, and the Boxer Development team.
  • Liaise with council fire chiefs to ensure that reviewed fire plans are authorized on time and that the fire chief signs off on the project following completion.
  • Conduct inspections of existing store portfolios to ensure fire compliance and develop a scope of work in the event of non-compliance, tracking down contractors following receipt of estimates for the execution of work and ensuring work is documented.
  • Liaison with insurers to ensure that stores remain compliant
  • Attend and report on meetings with the fire council, insurance, and professional teams.
  • Supervise the electrical installations on new and existing refurbishment stores, ensuring compliance with the specification and applicable codes during construction.
  • Ascertain that annual thermal scanning of stores is completed on time and that any repairs required as a result of the scanning are completed on time. Provide technical information to the development team regarding market efficiencies and new technologies that can be incorporated into the Electrical specifications.
  • Assist external developers with technical information regarding the electrical specifications for new stores.

Experience and Requirements

  • Among the numerous Boxer hiring jobs available here, this is one of the few that requires you to have an Electrical certification and IFE certification.
  • And because your role deals with fire reasoning and design, you must be fully aware of all SANS fire safety requirements.
  • Note, before Boxer can even consider you, you must be a licensed electrician with a certificate of installation.
  • Talking about educational qualifications, you mustn’t have an undergraduate degree to be eligible. With a diploma in electrical engineering, you can apply.
  • Just like other vacancies at Boxer stores mentioned to you, experience is needed. You must have 5 years of electrical installation or electrical industry experience.
  • Then, Be a member of ECSA or be ready to register with the body.
  • Also, you must be ready to travel to all provinces
  • Additionally, everyone aspiring to fit into this position must have an understanding of accident investigations with a fault-finding capacity and be familiar with OSHA and electrical by-laws.
  • To cap it up, you shouldn’t think of applying if you lack an understanding of electrical codes or knowledge of electrical regulations.


Job Type: Full Time

Location: Eastern Cape

Job Field: Finance / Accounting / Audit

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Conduct investigations with professionalism and discretion
  • Conduct an investigation and determine the source of significant shrinkage at the store level. Implement actions to mitigate the source of shrinkage.
  • Amass evidence necessary for successful prosecution in criminal and administrative cases
  • Bring cases to the criminal court and conduct internal disciplinary hearings
  • Statements and reports
  • Assist in the compilation of evidence for investigations and be able to testify as a witness
  • Capable of attending CCMA proceedings

Experience and Requirements

  • First, this is one of the boxer hiring jobs that requires you to have a keen eye for detail and the ability to spot danger and the procedures necessary to reduce it
  • Secondly, you must have to possess investigative abilities and problem-solving abilities because of the nature of the job, which requires you to conduct professional investigations.
  • Thirdly, you must have a post-baccalaureate degree/diploma in criminal law or criminal investigations.
  • In addition to the degree, you need 5 years of investigation experience and SAPS experience.
  • Due to one of your major roles involves reporting criminal cases and investigations, it’s expedient that you know how to write professional reports.
  • Furthermore, you have MS word skills or be computer literate.

6. Retail Purchaser

Job Type: Full Time

Location: KwaZulu-Natal

Job Field: Procurement / Store-keeping / Supply Chain , Sales / Marketing / Retail / Business Development

Retail Purchaser is among the vacancies at Boxer Stores worth going for. As a Retail Purchaser, you’ll be focused on maximizing maximize top-line revenue while maintaining a healthy gross profit margin and supplier profitability.

Job Responsibilities

  • National and regional supplier trade meetings and negotiations
  • Negotiate trading terms and promotional grids, which may include, but are not limited to, cycle deals, promotion deals, special offers, and price rises.
  • Responsibilities include sales, gross profit, and profitability within your category of administration, reporting, and master data management. Store profiles, planograms, categorization, and product mix.
  • Assemble a team to assist with demand planning.

Experience and Requirements

  • Officially, one of the major requirements for this Boxer job is a minimum of five years of current buying experience, preferably in a central or national capacity within a retail/wholesale/FMCG setting.
  • Then, you’re expected to have the capacity to forecast the promotional impact, superior communication, and negotiating abilities
  • To fit into this Boxer vacancy, you must be a strategic thinker who can give unflinching attention to detail and administration.
  • Also, you need to have full experience in strategic planning.
  • Talking about educational qualification, a three-year degree in commerce, marketing, or supply chain management are needed. That means the chances of you getting this job without a degree is very slim.

7. Manager of National Pallet / Distribution Equipment

Job Type: Full Time

Location: KwaZulu-Natal

Job Field: Procurement / Store-keeping / Supply Chain

The primary metric is the development, implementation, and control of processes and controls for the management of all distribution equipment in stores.

Job Responsibilities

  • Liaison with store managers, regional managers, DC personnel, management, and suppliers regarding the distribution equipment process and control.
  • Managing processes relating to the flow and control of distribution equipment along the supply chain, from suppliers into and out of distribution centers, into and out of stores, and back to suppliers and/or Chep.
  • Create training materials and conduct training sessions for both store and DC controllers/staff.
  • Review of load plans in comparison to equipment controls to discover inconsistencies
  • Weekly distribution equipment status report by cost center, i.e. stores, distribution centers, and regions
  • Weekly Reports on failed exchanges/risk analysis

Experience and Requirements

  • This is one of the Boxer vacancies that before you can be eligible for, you must have a demonstrated track record of providing superior customer service in Chep and/or the related industry within FMCG.
  • Also, you have had experience in retail or FMCG and Preparation, as well as tracking of equipment.
  • As they say, ‘Experience is Key’ you must have over 10 years of job experience in this field just like other Boxer job vacancies listed earlier in this post.
  • Then, considering the nature of the job, you must have a strong understanding of supply chain management.
  • If you familiarize yourself with the software “Chep Portfolio Plus”, you can have a better chance of getting the job. This is because this position requires you to manage distribution equipment.
  • Talking about the required degree, you need to have grade 12 and a three-year degree or diploma in customer service or supply chain management.
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8Property Developer – Durban

This is among the Boxer hiring jobs worth checking out this 2022.

Job Responsibilities

The primary target is to manage the building of our stores from concept to completion.

Consult with Quality Assurance, architects, and draftsmen on store and center design to ensure that delivery specs and plans are understood.

Competencies and experience

  • First, to qualify for this Boxer store vacancy, you have the relevant degrees or qualifications.
  • Secondly, you need a full experience in the construction business and retail sector.
  • Furthermore, you must be able to projects in the construction industry if you must fit into this.

9. Location Planner

Job Type: Full Time


Job Field: Procurement / Store-keeping / Supply Chain

The Position of a Location Planner is among the available Boxer stores vacancies that pay well. Here, you will majorly focus on making sure that the retailers have enough inventory to meet client demand.

Job Responsibilities

  • Maintaining stock levels in the DC and linked outlets under the model.
  • Managing all sites’ discontinued, halted, and slow-moving lines.
  • Monitoring strike rates from suppliers and stores by delivery schedules
  • Interaction with suppliers (returns & uplifts)
  • On stock difficulties, liaise with Product Planner and HOD Planning.
  • Cooperation with DC Stock out of lines, over/under stocks, and priority deliveries in and out of the DC are all part of the operations.

Experience and qualifications

  • Before Boxer or any company can consider you as a Location Planner, it is expected that you have a three-year degree and a post-graduate diploma.
  • Aside from the degree, Boxer will pay more attention to you if you have experience, precisely a minimum of 5 years of current and related experience is important.
  • Also, if you have experience in retail or fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), you have a better chance of getting the job than an applicant that doesn’t know anything about fast-moving consumer goods.
  • Additionally, this is one of the few Boxer Store Vacancies that requires demand planning system knowledge. That means you must have full ERP and demand planning system knowledge to be eligible.


What is the Procedure for Applying for a Position at Boxer?

Boxer accepts applications both online and in person. You cannot apply for a specific store job opportunity if you choose to apply online.

Instead, you fill out an application and provide personal information. You can, on the other hand, apply for a specific position at Boxer by going to a Boxer store and speaking with a store manager.

Follow these procedures to apply for any of the vacancies at Boxer Stores:

  1. Go to or Apply HERE.
  2. On the web page, you’ll find an online application form.
  3. Enter your name, surname, email address, phone number, and the location of the closest Boxer store to your home in the form below. Also, please upload your CV in PDF, Word, or JPEG format. Finally, send a brief note to the company explaining why you want to work at Boxer.

To send your Boxer job application, click the red “Submit” button when you’re completed. If the employer accepts your application, you will be contacted within the following 30 days.

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