Eskom load shedding over by end of next week

According to Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter, rolling power outages in South Africa should end by the end of the following week as more power generation facilities come online.

Eskom sees load shedding over by end of next week
Eskom sees load shedding over by end of next week

For the second time in its history, Eskom began implementing “Stage 6” power cuts, also known as load shedding, last month, leaving the majority of South Africans without electricity for at least six hours each day.

Since then, the severity of the outages has decreased, with Stage 2, 3 and 4 power outages occurring at various points this week. Eskom has attributed the outages to striking workers impeding attempts to restart malfunctioning generation units.

“We should exit load shedding by the end of the upcoming week. Our indication for load shedding has already been lifted, and the return of a few large units is encouraging “De Ruyter told reporters.

When unit 2 of the Koeberg nuclear power plant returns to the grid at the end of July, which is “about 920 MW so that will bring large measure of relief,” he continued, the risk will be greatly reduced.

But ultimately, de Ruyter said, “in order to end load shedding, what we need is additional capacity because the system as it is currently unreliable and unpredictable.”

He was giving a brief news conference at the Tutuka power station in the province of Mpumalanga after visiting the facility and meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa, a few ministers, and plant managers to discuss progress.

Ramaphosa announced that he would meet with other managers this afternoon at another power plant to gain a deeper understanding of some of the issues and difficulties they are dealing with.

As a result, he assured reporters, “we’ll be able to develop a number of proposals that can successfully address the challenges that the country faces with regard to load shedding.”

Eskom is dependent on an old, highly prone-to-fault coal fleet. For more than ten years, South Africa has experienced sporadic power outages that have impeded economic expansion.

Eskom sees load shedding over by end of next week
Eskom sees load shedding over by end of next week


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