How to Check SASSA R350 SRD Status ? More Information Here

There are still a lot of people who have reapplied and are waiting for word on the status of their application as the SASSA R350 SRD grant rollout continues.

How to Check SASSA R350 SRD Status
How to Check SASSA R350 SRD Status

We will show you how to check your SASSA R350 SRD status in today’s article if you are among those who have applied but are still unsure of the status of your application.

How to Check SASSA R350 SRD Status

You can check the status of your SASSA SRD grant online by following these steps

  • Visit the SRD website
  • Enter your ID and cellphone number
  • Confirm OTP sent to the registered cellphone number
  • Get your application status online

SASSA has made it possible for applicants to also track their application status through WhatsApp. You may track by following these steps:

  • Add their WhatsApp line (082 046 8553) as a contact
  • Open chat and send a text ‘status
  • You will have to enter your ID number and the cellphone number used when applying
  • The status of your application will be sent to you

Meaning of Each Sassa Status

Reapplication pending: This indicates that although your application was received, a system error prevented you from submitting your details. You will need to resubmit your application and wait for approval to fix this.

how to check sassa r350 application status online
how to check sassa r350 application status online

You have successfully finished the reapplication process, marking your application as complete. Your information will then be checked, and if everything is in order, you will receive an SMS with information about when to anticipate receiving your grant payment.

Banking information is pending It’s possible that you entered incorrect information, so you need to update it.

Month pending (for example, May pending) – Your information will be verified each month, so you’ll need to check your status every month. SASSA will verify that you are not receiving any UIF or NSFAS, that you are not employed, or that you are not receiving any government financial assistance.

Those who have been accepted will receive a message or text letting them know that the application process has been completed and they are now eligible to receive payment. You will see the months for which you have been given payment approval, such as May or June.

Your grant money may not actually be available just because it was approved. You will be given a payment date and informed when your payment is prepared for pickup.

Sassa Status Check for July 2022 R350 SRD Grant Application and Payments.
Sassa Status Check for July 2022 R350 SRD Grant Application and Payments.

Declined – Your application can be declined due to various reasons which will be clearly stated in your status update. You will have to read and understand why your application was declined and if applicable, you may submit an appeal for reconsideration via the website.

For those that have been successfully approved, SASSA post office payments started this week, you can check out when you will be receiving your May payment dates.

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