Matric Results 2022 , Get Them Here Now !

Matric results 2023 date

Matric Results 2022 , Get Them Here Now !
Matric Results 2022 , Get Them Here Now !

The 2022 National Senior Certificate examinations will conclude on 7 December 2022 and the Minister of Basic Education, Mrs Angie Motshekga, will announce the outcome of the examinations on 19 January 2023. Matric Results will be released to candidates on 20 January 2023.

How to check Matric results via SMS

The SABC Education has partnered with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) to launch the Matric exams results service.

The Matric results service will allow the students from the registered provinces to receive their results through the USSD code or SMS on the examination’s due date. The students are requested to register in advance using the results service released by SABC.

They can also register using other registration mechanisms. If a student registers via USSD or SMS, they can win some airtime from the R10, 000 share. Students are highly encouraged to register. They may also download the Matrics Mate App from their Apple App or Google play to get the senior certificate exam results.

To access their exam results, the candidates must use their exam number to register on their preferred platforms. The registration guidelines are as follows:


  • Send your exam number to 45856
  • The system will verify your details
  • You will be charged R1-50 per message.


  • Dial *120*45856# and enter your exam number to register
  • This will cost you R1-50 per minute.
  • You will receive the results via your phone as soon as they are available.

Matrics Mate App

  • Download the app from your Apple App Stores or Google Play.
  • You will receive the results via the app as soon as they are released.

Department of Education Matric results

The department of basic education provides information about the curriculum and what you need to do in case you have lost your matric certificate. It also provides links to all the previous grade 12 examination papers that you may need for your revision.

In case you want to get in touch with us, you can find the contact details on our website. You can access any information as a learner, guardian researcher, or teacher. If you don’t find the information you want from our website, send an email to

The Matric results will be reflected on the department of education’s website. You can get the statement of results at the school or exam center where you took the exam.

Some results may not be published on the website for technical reasons. If your results are not available on our website, contact the exam center or the provincial office. The Department of Basic Education has a right to modify any information published on its website.

How to check Matric results online

In case you are wondering how to check matric results online, the process is straightforward. The department of education has released procedures on how to check matric results online. These are:

Department or basic education website

  • Visit the department of education’s website at
  • Use your exam number to register in the field provided
  • Click on the NSC exam link
  • Key in your correct exam number
  • You will automatically see the results on your screen
  • Download the results and print.

To log in, you need to key in the exam number, personal details such as the names and the home language. If you attended a government school, your results must be available on this site.

News24 website

  • Go to the Matric results portal of the News24 via
  • Enter your examination number in the provided field.
  • Select the type of exam, either IEB or NSC
  • Search the results to get your results.

Note that you can also search the NSC results by province on this website.

IEB website

The website traffic may be incredibly high on the day of release of the results and therefore expect a delayed response.

How do you get old matric results?

Change of particulars

After the certificates are issued, candidates age given an allowance of one year from the issue date to make any corrections. Changes can be effected upon returning the original certificate, and not a copy.

If you want to change your name, you are required to make your application to the Department of Basic Education (DBE) by filling in the re-issue application form. Visit the nearest DBE offices for an interview before an amendment is made.  You may be given an interim record as you wait for your certificate.

Before a certificate is re-issued, you will be required to submit the following documents:

  • An affidavit
  • The original certificate
  • Certified new and old identity documents
  • A confirmation letter from the Department of Home Affairs that it has acted according to the Births and Death Registration Act of 1992, section 27(A).
  • Application form from the Department of Basic Education (DBE)

Damaged or lost Matric certificate

In case you damaged or lost your original certificate, you need to apply for a replacement at the Provincial Education Department (PED) or Department of Basic Education (DBE). They Will need you to complete the replacement application form. You can also request the results statement as you wait for the replacement. Remember to return the damaged certificate to the relevant authorities.

Change of status

You may apply for a change of status if you participated in matric in more than one sitting. You may want to combine the credits to qualify for National Senior Certificate or the National Certificate (NC). The department may not accept your request automatically unless you did a supplementary examination. You have the option to apply for a confirmation result statement as you wait for the National Certificate.

Applying for Replacement certificate: Change of status

What you need to do if you are changing the particulars, requesting for certificate replacement, or changing the status

  • To have your certificate replaced, you need to pay the fee in cash, cheque, or by postal order.
  • Visit the nearest DBE offices with your original identification document and a certified copy of the same, the original certificate and its certified copy, and a detailed affidavit stating the reasons for alteration. You also need to produce a birth certificate and a letter from the Department of Home Affairs.

You will get a re-issued certificate within four to six weeks. The certificate costs R130 and the statement of results, R130.

Upgrading matric results

If you feel that you need to improve your matric grade, you can apply for a matric upgrade. You can focus on specific subjects you want to improve at the Matric college. Thus, there is no need to redo all the exams. After applying for the upgrade, you will get all the study materials you need.

You get a chance to study from home and your tutors will give you the best online support. The benefits of upgrading your results include:

  • Access to dynamic study options
  • Improved results
  • You can be get space at a University

Requirements for an upgrade

  • The previous matric results in their original form
  • Your cell number
  • A certified copy of your ID
  • Email address
  • The minimum age requirement is 21 years

You can apply for a matric upgrade at the University of South Africa (UNISA). The lower level qualifications can act as bridging courses for the upgrade. You Should  do a certificate or diploma program that is similer to the course you want to pursue.

Only a few institutions offer matric rewrites. Find out more about Matric rewrite registration. Matric college does not have physical classes. You study from home but you have to take exams at a certified exam centre near you. You can also ask for a paper remark for R105 per paper. If you wish to view your paper after the remark, you can apply for it at an additional cost of R205 per paper.

Other options of your matric results are disappointing

If you don’t prefer upgrading your results, you can explore the following options:

  • Pursue an extended degree program- The institution lets you continue with the program for a longer period
  • University re-application-You can re-apply to a different university that may have different requirements.
  • Study without matric

Frequently asked questions: Matric Results South Africa

How are matric results calculated?

The internal school-based assessment (SBA) constitute 5%of the final matric result. This result is calculated by assignments, classwork, tests, and exams you undertake throughout the year. 75% comes from the final exam except for life orientation.

How can I get my matric results via SMS?

To get your results via SMS, send an SMS to 35685. You can also use the USSD code *120*35658# and follow the steps. Once you enter the ID number, you will receive the results [per subject. If you register for the results using SMS, you can send the exam number to 35685. You will get a confirmation message showing your marks immediately .

How do I check WCED matric results?

To check the WECD matric results, send your exam and ID number to SMS number 35658. Confirm that both numbers have thirteen digits. This will cost you R3.00 to register. You will receive the results via SMS. Another Option is to dial *120*35658#. they will need you to answer some questions after which you will enter your ID number to receive the results

How do I check EWN matric results?

South Africa’s matric results can be access as eye witness news. You can get the results instantly through the matric portal immediately.

Where can I upgrade my matric results in Pretoria?

In Pretoria, you can upgrade your matric results in:

  • Greenwood college( Princess park avenue and church street)
  • Tshwane South College( Formerly PTA Tech)
  • Tshwane North College(Formerly Pretoria College)

Where can I upgrade matric results in Damelin?

If you have attained your National Senior Certificate, you can upgrade your matric results at the Damelin Correspondence College.

Where can I upgrade my matric results in Western Cape?

You can upgrade the matric results at the Matric College. Her, you register and have the materials delivered online but take an exam in person.

When do grade 12 results come out?

The grade 12 results 2023 release date is  20 January 2023.


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